Front Desk Receptionist - PRN


job description

Front Desk Receptionist - PRN

Ocala and Lady Lake, FL

Part Time

PRN / Administration

Entry Level

SIMEDHealth is currently looking for PRN Front Desk Receptionists for our Ocala and Lady Lake, FL locations. The PRN Clinic Assistant (CA) is a part time/as needed position responsible for the front desk reception and management of the clinic front desk when full time employees are absent due to illness, injury, vacation, extended leave of absence or vacancy.  The flow of the clinic begins and ends at this position and it is the CA’s responsibility to ensure that patients are transitioned throughout the clinic areas smoothly.  The CA is also responsible for ensuring that the data entered into the computer system, insurance information gathered and authorized and monies collected are done so in a timely and accurate fashion.  The CA must fulfill the duties of his/her position while remembering Customer Service and professionalism are key components of this position and the CA may be the “face” of his/her division.

The following are duties which may be required of you as a Front Desk Receptionist. Duties are assigned based on the clinic need and not all may be applicable.

  • Check In / Check Out Patients

  • Can effectively and efficiently process general medical records requests

  • Understands and demonstrates proficiency in scanning charts and medical documentation into charts.

  • Is proficient in HIPAA and Medical Records Rights to Access policies and procedures and adheres to them.

  • Demonstrates organizational skills

  • Correctly and efficiently inputs all data into system.

  • Compiles, Processes, Understands and is knowledgeable of required patient forms (consent for treatment, etc)

  • Can respond to patient requests in a professional and appropriate manner.

  • Can process incoming/outgoing referrals and obtain proper authorizations.

  • In Intergy, is able to

    • View patient data, verifies Name/Address/Phone for data entry

    • View/search, utilize and understands appropriate diagnosis codes

    • Document notes, conversations, etc., appropriately

    • Check for proper documentation (Picture ID, Demographics, New Patient Forms)

    • Tasks colleagues and respond to tasks in medical record effectively and appropriately

    • Schedule Appointments & Procedures

    • Print Encounter Forms and Other Reports

    • Navigate throughout EMR effectively

  • Utilizing AR Skills and Functions:

    • Understands how to collect monies (Co-pays, Debts, Co-Insurance) and complete receipts correctly.

    • Performs Timely, Daily Entry of Encounter Forms / Accurate Charge Posting (In/Outpatient)

    • Balances Cash Drawer, Performs Appropriate Daily Cash Balancing Procedures

  • Serves as operator for all incoming phone calls to division

This list of duties is for your assistance but is in no way the extent of what you are expected to do.  Duties may be added or changed.  If more help is needed in other areas with other clinics, we expect full cooperation and assistance to reach our team goals.

SIMEDHealth is an equal opportunity employer. To learn more about SIMEDHealth, please visit

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